Concrete Coatings

Everybody knows how reliable concrete is as a material. When used for your flooring or other installations, it always holds its own as a strong, secure, and smooth material. However, over time, concrete begins to wear and before you know it, it can bear the signs and scars of years’ worth of wear. Conversely, when you coat your concrete is a specialized coating, you can give it heaps of additional protection and resistance to the elements. No matter whether your concrete surface is installed inside or out, it is always worth exploring the potential of premium epoxy coatings. Fortunately for you, if you live anywhere in the Charlotte Metropolitan area, you can do just that by giving us a call. At Top Flight Garage Floors, we offer premium concrete coating solutions and would be glad to tailor them to your needs. 

Interior Concrete Coating

From your interior concrete floors to your kitchen countertops, you can count on us for great concrete coatings. With a plethora of premier options available, we have something for every need. Each one guarantees you greater protection against wear, moisture, staining, and grease, and can ensure greatly improved longevity. You simply cannot do any wrong by coating your interior concrete surface. So, allow our team to deliver you our fantastic products and make sure that yours has the best protection money can buy. 

Exterior Concrete Coating 

Just as much so, if you have an exterior concrete surface or installation you want to give a bit of extra protection, take advantage of our exemplary services. From your backyard patio to your garage floors, every kind of outdoor fixture would be better off with an epoxy coating. You could resist the wearing of the elements with much greater success, holding up much better in the face of rain, dust, and debris. There is no better way to ensure the long-term efficacy of your concrete installation, so make sure you don’t miss out on our fantastic options. 

Concrete Painting 

Alternatively, if you would like to give your concrete installation an aesthetic upgrade, perhaps one of our concrete paint coatings would be more suitable. By painting your concrete, you can add so much more interest and appeal to your installation. Our team offers a vast range of different colors, of which you can have full choice over. So, be sure to let us know of your ideal style and leave it to our team to apply with the utmost quality and care. 

Affordable Prices 

Above all else, the reason that you should choose us to apply your concrete coating is that we can offer you the most value for your money. With the highest standards of quality around and some of the most affordable prices you are going to find anywhere in the Charlotte area, we always deliver more bang for your buck. So, get the most from your investment and make sure that we are your first-choice concrete coaters every single time.

Concrete Coating