Miracle Park of Rock Hill SC

The Miracle Fields Park in Rock Hill is a unique facility that will be home to two miracle baseball fields and a multi-purpose field, as well as a playground, walking trails, and shelters. It will also include a golf area and fishing pond, as well as a cafe/retail component. The park will be a wonderful place for people to play and socialize, and it will provide jobs for those with special needs. Additional info.

Phase 1

A 15-acre site for Special Olympics games is the perfect location for a new Miracle Park in Rock Hill, SC. The park has been in the works for a few years. Phase one of the park will include a baseball field and inclusive playground with accessible restrooms and concessions. Adaptive challenge courses and a golf putting green are planned for phase two. There will also be retail and cafe space and employment opportunities for individuals with different abilities.

The first phase of the park is expected to cost $8 million. Donations and private companies have contributed about 70 percent of the money needed for the project. The city of Rock Hill has contributed $550,000 to fund the construction of a parking lot and restrooms. Future phases of the park will include another Miracle field, a multi-use field, a retail area, and a coffee shop run by people with disabilities.

The park’s sponsors include the City of Rock Hill, the Springs Close Foundation, Cunningham Recreation, Founders Federal Credit Union, Leitner Construction Company, the Warren Norman Company, and Williams & Fudge. Other major donors include the York County Natural Gas Company and Springs-Close interests, such as the Springsteen Foundation and the Spring-Close Creative firm. Ultimately, the park will provide a community center for the city of Rock Hill. Browse around this site

Special needs playground

A new special needs playground at a local Rock Hill, SC park is in the works. Miracle Park is one of the first parks to receive the Universal Design Gold certification. This certification recognizes the park’s efforts to create a fully inclusive park. In addition to the baseball field, the park will have a splash pad, natural areas, and a therapeutic fishing pond. The park will also have picnic tables, adult changing stations, and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Miracle Park of Rock Hill SC will be an all-inclusive playground with sensory-rich activities for children and adults with disabilities. Two GameTime play structures will feature sensory-rich experiences. The structures include the Sensory Dome, Inclusive Whirl, and TriNet. Additional playground equipment includes adaptive swings, sensory panels, spinning seats, Yalp Interactive Memo play pillars, and Sona dance and play arch.

This project is a $15 million endeavor that will include a unique special needs playground. As part of the project, the Rock Hill City Council and South Carolina lawmakers will visit the park and donate funds. The Carolina Panthers also contributed donations to the project. Miracle Park will include a sensory wall, an inclusive playground, and an all-in-one ballfield, Miracle Field.


Located at 1005 Eden Terrace, this park is the first of its kind to hold a Universal Design certification. This community project is a public-private partnership that involves the York County Disabilities Foundation, Rock Hill Parks, Recreation and Tourism, and the Global Universal Design Commission, a nonprofit corporation that develops universal design standards for buildings, products, and services.

This new park provides a state-of-the-art playground for people with disabilities, two Miracle fields, and a multi-purpose field. It will also have a cafe that employs people with disabilities. Several Winthrop students will have the opportunity to participate in service and internship opportunities in the park. Miracle Park of Rock Hill SC Cafe will also feature a variety of programmes for people with disabilities. Besides serving delicious meals, the cafe also has a café for those who are unable to eat out.

The Miracle Park of Rock Hill SC has two main components. The first phase of the park includes sensory walls and immersive playgrounds for people with disabilities. The second phase includes the Miracle Fields, which are ball fields that are designed to meet the physical and cognitive needs of people with physical and cognitive challenges. Miracle Park of Rock Hill SC is now an official member of the Miracle League, which was founded as a baseball team for children with special needs. Continue reading about York Recreation Complex.


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